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Automatic Gate Owners For The Security Conscious – Automatic Gates Openers

Automatic Gate Owners For The Security Conscious

May be the answer to keep your family safe during the day and while you all sleep at night. They are a small investment but can be offset by considerations with your homeowner’s insurance policy in some cases.The more security you add to your household the more of a discount most insurance carriers are willing to give you. You may want to call and check with them before making your purchase, as they may have guidelines concerning which model and how the installation is handled to obtain your discount. Living in a nice neighborhood their will be the home owners association to contend with for approval of your addition. The city or county may have regulations as well depending on if you are located in the city limits or living outside an incorporated area.Depending on the level of sophistication and detail of construction required to get approval from all entities involved, the installation could run from about two thousand dollars on up to ten thousand. The higher end offering brick walls on either side of the gates and the high-end ornamental iron scrolled gates. You may be able to get about fifty to sixty percent of your initial investment back from the resale of your home when it comes time to sell. Obvious intrusion deterrents will go a long way in telling would be invaders that they will have to work harder getting to you and your family members, and that alone is worth the above mentioned pricing.Another way to offset the cost of your automatic gate openers is to purchase the optional solar panel, and backup battery kit. There are provisions in the tax code that allow you to recoup a percentage of the cost of any solar product that you install on your home over property. Before making your purchase, check with your tax accountant to see what the exact rules are for this type of deduction. Between your insurance discount an tax deduction you should be able defray up to fifty percent of your costs.

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