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Electronic Gate Locks For Pedestrian Entry Systems – Automatic Gates Openers

Electronic Gate Locks For Pedestrian Entry Systems

When you hear the term gate locks, most people will think of padlocks mostly, and the occasional standard house key type locks. This is true in some cases, but there is a whole new niche industry that provides a product, that you can instantly add a code key pad type lock system to any metal or steel pedestrian gate. These can be used in residential or commercial applications, and are of little costs compared to the security it provides. For example, at a workshop you can change the code any time, or on a monthly basis to weed out ex-employees and vendors that are no longer authorized on your property.The simple electronic device installs in less than an hour by a professional locksmith, or maybe two or three hours with an amateur do-it-yourself type person. They are typically battery run on four AA cells, and give you advance notice when the batteries need to be changed. Of course, this is not a cure-all for your security problems but it creates a flow, and visual obstacle that will keep timid thieves at bay. The average person will turn and walk away, if they do not know the code at the time.The Mighty Mule FM 145 Bulldog pedestrian gate lock is retail priced at $149.99, and can be typically purchased online for as little as $99. The standard locksmith charge for installation will run in a range of $100-$200. There can be special circumstances, where the gate will have to be physically modified to accept the gate lock, but in most cases it will fit the average metal gate. For about sixty dollars more you can opt to purchase the remote digital keypad, and the single button entry transmitter that can be placed next to a receptionist desk or a security shack to let job applicants or visitors to your home through without knowing the code.Contact your insurance company that holds your homeowners policy before making the purchase to see if it is on their approved list of items that can afford you additional discounts on your home or commercial policy for increased security measures. Not all insurance carriers will offer these discounts, but it won’t hurt to check before making your selection.In summary, all locks and security measures are meant to really keep the average and honest person out of certain areas. There is no real replacement for having a vigilant eye on your property for complete protection.

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