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Faac Barrier Gate Operators – Automatic Gates Openers

Faac Barrier Gate Operators

Barrier gate are one-armed mechanism that allows or denies access to the any premises or a large, rolling steel door locks intruders entering in the Community residential area. The key element of this type of gates is security. People and vehicles are often to move in and out, so it should work correctly, you should make sure that it is not functioning badly as it can cause injury to them. If a Gate Operators fails, it should be stated and fixed as soon as possible.If you are looking to automate it you must purchase an opening system such as a swing system, slide gate opener or a barrier gate opener. These ports can be separately installed, but even if you are familiar with the system may be better to hire a professional. Whether you are a homeowner looking to enhance security in access-controlled electric door to your driveway or business trying to protect their assets and employees with controlled access entry card systems these barrier gate operators will help you in doing it in an automated manner.Some of the gate operators provided by FAACModel 615 Hydraulic Operator: Looks good for certain residential and commercial places. This product can easily handle light and medium traffic and can raise the beams up to 13 feet from 6 and a half in just 3 to 8 secs, it also consist six types of control logics, including automatic and semi- automatic. Simple to maintain and the standard features like hydraulic anti-crushing safety, hydraulic locking makes it a good product.50% duty cycleModel 620 Hydraulic Operator: Well if you are looking for an operator for busy parking lot here it is with 100% duty cycle. Equipped with an articulated beam for use. It can also be set to follow specific open/close/stop instructions. And have electronic control panel. It can raise the beams up to 14 feet in 3 sacs.Model 640 Hydraulic OperatorThis is built for heavy traffic area with long beams. It has  100% duty uptime. It is quite reliable product. It can raise aluminum beams which are ranging from 13 to 23 feet long, in as little as 4 to 7 secs.The 640 model  always stops smoothly and gently, there are 3 different control logics in it these are automatic, semi-automatic and car park (P), the latter specifically designed for automatic car lots. An automatic barrier release system for power failure is available as an optionNote: Supplying a gate operator with the right electrical service is crucial to maintain and increase the performance of the operator for its life as well as of its electrical components.

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