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Helping Others Realize The Benefits Of Faac Gates – Automatic Gates Openers

Helping Others Realize The Benefits Of Faac Gates

Incorporating hydraulics for the first time in the creating process in the 1960s and the firsts to use microprocessors in control units and self learning radio controls, for over forty years Faac has been the best company worldwide that designs and also manufactures automation systems for driveway gates, electric gates, swing gates for commercial and residential use. The size of the gates varies from medium to extra large depending on the user:Faac produces automation systems for gates suitable for single family residential use but for car parks or factories as well. All these years of experience guarantees for the quality of their products which are not only super resistant but also stylish and elegant. These gates have aluminum structures that ensure the potential costumer of its long life.The access automation system of these electric gates helps preventing unwanted access on certain territories and gives a feeling of safety and security all the time. The opening and closing of the gates have a mechanical accommodation that is easily manageable via control pad or elaborated recognition system. Every gate has its special way of opening: some slide sideways, others roll up or open up wide. The incorporated non reversing system allows the gate to be manually moved if the motor is not running or if there are any complications during the mechanical procedures and also because of it no lock is necessary. The Faac automation system provides a high level of security and the slide gates make the traffic in busy access points lighter. Security is combined with a convenient and easy way of access which makes the Faac gates dependable and demanded by customers from all around the world.The programming if these gates can be easily done by the user with three button units and a display installation, although it is complex, it is not at all complicated.Turning ninety degrees in just twelve seconds, ornate or unusual gate models, gear motors that move industrial or commercial gates in the apparently simplest way possible: Faac makes all this seem smooth and easy. Before releasing any of its products on the market, the company runs a series of tests on them in special laboratories. The durability and resistance of the gates is admirable, no wonder this company has gained a well- known name for itself in almost every western country; Faac distributes its manufacturing to over one hundred countries in the world and works together with the most prestigious Italian designer companies.With Faac products you go for sure: they symbolize durability, safety, complexity and dependability combined with the newest techniques and creation processes. Being worthy of their well- known fame, the directors of this company want to reach content first of all and then satisfy the customers too. All that you expect from these automation systems had already been expected by the manufacturers and you can be sure that once a product is finished and put on the market, it reaches the high standards of the company itself in every possible way.

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