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Install a Pedestrian Gate When You Install Your Automatic Gate Opener | Automatic Gates Openers

Install a Pedestrian Gate When You Install Your Automatic Gate Opener

On your business property entrance, you will also have to have a way for people who park on the street or at your annex parking location to enter your business from various points. By having, the fencing contractor install pedestrian gates at strategic locations while performing the construction of the metal fence around the perimeter of your property will save time and money. You can still control the walk-thru gates just as you do the large vehicle entrance, by adding security cameras, and specially made automatic entry openers for the smaller gates.This will still ensure the integrity of your security and be able to send door-to-door solicitors on their way without having to have a face-to-face confrontation with them in your building. Chances are also greater of catching thieves that make it on to your business property when they are exiting as well. Make sure and put a camera facing the street curb of the walk up entries, so you can capture license plate numbers if an incident occurs. You may be able to give the police enough information to recapture the stolen property and have the criminals locked up for a while.Ordering pedestrian gates will be as easy as telling your fencing company sales representative how many gates, and where you want them installed. You may also need to contact your concrete salesperson and have some additional sidewalks poured to accommodate the path up to the new entry points. Ask the fencing company if they can install metal covered walkway awnings to protect people on foot from severe weather as they traverse your property. Anything you can do to make your business safer and slip resistant will result in less liability, and you may be entitled to a discount from your commercial insurance carrier.If you do not option for the gate openers on the smaller entry gates, then check out remote electronic locks that can be controlled from the security shed, or in the main building. This will still give you the option of turning away non-essential visitors, and keeping out serendipitous thieves just looking for opportunities to steal anything that is loose around your building.One final note: When having sidewalks installed for your pedestrian gates, have the concrete finisher put on a rough finish to help prevent slip and fall accidents when the concrete is wet from rain or spills.

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